Andamooka Observatory Tours


Overnight Premium Tour The Andamooka Observatory is a family-owned tour business that can create personalised and private itineraries that take our guests into one of Australia’s last Outback frontiers: the Andamooka Opal Fields. Our bespoke premium tours are ideal for guests who want a pristine desert experience, sensational starry nights, fine food and wine, vast

Dukes Bottlehouse Motel & Opal Showroom


    Andamooka Dukes Bottlehouse Motel & Andamooka Opal Showroom Dukes Accommodation Establishment was opened in 1967 by the father of current owner Margot Duke.  The Guesthouse became a popular spot with Gem and Mineral Clubs and aviators from the eastern states.Rudi Duke passed away in 1979 and so wife Inge and daughter Margot kept it

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