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Andamooka Dukes Bottlehouse Motel & Andamooka Opal Showroom

Dukes Accommodation Establishment was opened in 1967 by the father of current owner Margot Duke.  The Guesthouse became a popular spot with Gem and Mineral Clubs and aviators from the eastern states.Rudi Duke passed away in 1979 and so wife Inge and daughter Margot kept it going. Margot and her partner Peter Taubers renovated in the early nineties to upgrade the accommodation. Now you’ll find eight modern accommodation units, the Post Office and the Andamooka Opal Showrooms all under the one roof.

A Post Office with a difference

Open 7 days


+Services of the Mines Department and Outback Community Authority
+Andamooka Opal Showroom Underground Opal & Mineral Museum
+Dukes Bottlehouse Motel
+Weather station
+Café / Conference Centre
+Replica opal mine
+Art gallery that includes one of Australia’s finest gemstone and opal book collections
+Home of the Andamooka Opal Showroom and Underground Museum a simulated opal mine and a host of treasures from the earth
+Visit Karkaroo! Take special note of Karkaroo the opalised Andamooka Plesiosaur downstairs in the Underground Opal & Mineral Museum. Karkaroo came to reside in the Andamooka Opal Underground Museum in August 2018 and recently was put on public display. The colourful opalised bones of this juvenile plesiosaur was found in the false level (8.5 meters) at Tea Tree in October 2016
+Over 800 opal pieces, ranging from rare specimens, cut stones, fossils, matrix and early local souvenirs
Worldwide opal display, synthetic opal display, and a vast array of gems and minerals, stromatolites, meteorites and “space junk’

(08) 8672 7007
Margot Duke: Outback tourism pioneer. Margot has worked in the opal, tourism and accommodation industry in Andamooka for 56 years.
Host of the Solar Eclipse Longest Dinner Table Party, the Starlight Cocktail Bar, the Year of the Outback Events
Margot been recognised many tourism and business awards for the Flinders Ranges and Outback Region and is well known for her fundraising efforts in the local community and the Royal Flying Doctors. Margot and Peter regularly attend tourism, interstate and overseas opal and gem trade events
Peter ‘the Oracle’ Taubers: Opal gouger, opal cutter and jeweller. Curator of the Andamooka Opal Showroom Underground Opal & Mineral Museum.Over 40 years of opal mining has taken Peter far and wide across the Australian Opal Fields and Europe. Peter has prospecting and mining in the Andamooka Opal Field, White Dam Opal Diggings and the Stuart Creek Opal Diggings
Regular communication with opal industry and opal miners through regular attendance at Australian Opal & Gem shows and Tucson
Get all things Andamooka and Opal from Margot, Peter, Bec and Leila at the Andamooka Post Office!
Check out the Andamooka Noodling (Fossicking) Kit Show Bag Bucket that includes: UV light(100 led) with batteries, Geo pick, Safety glasses, Spray bottle, Maps and More!
The Andamooka Post Office / Opal Showroom also stocks: Mosquito / Fly Nets, Noodling Maps, Compasses, Picks, Hats, Happiness and Stubby Coolers.