About Andamooka Observatory

So what’s the plan?

Our idea is to sell books to raise money to construct an astronomy observatory and viewing platform. We open Thu-Sat 5.30pm onwards unless it’s too hot or we’re at the Tuckabox. Also late at night or morning for sky phenomena and cosmic events. We’ll let you know when there is something really amazing to see in the skies.

We are using it as a basecamp for our ‘Opal Miner for a Day’ and nocturnal tours. Working with old mates, photographers and miners we plan to regularly host, opal mining, astronomy and astrophotography presentations and sessions.

Why a bookstore?

We love books, reading and bookshops so it seemed the right thing to do. We love getting blown out by space, science and astronomy and thought let’s incorporate that too. So, the Andamooka Observatory Bookshop was born.

What kind of books do we sell?

Mostly second hand and rare books with a focus on Australian and Aboriginal history, gemstones, bush survival, astronomy, art, film, international relations, permaculture, modern popular fiction and non-fiction.

Why Andamooka

Conan’s parents caught opal fever and he learned young that Andamooka is a magical place where you always have a chance. He visited Andamooka from the mid-70s to visit family and then lived in Andamooka in the late 80s and mid-90s. This is the third time he’s come to visit Andamooka and ended up staying on.


Conan the librarian and Karyn on the Hill.