‘Cal the Stoner’ (Cal Prohasky) sculptor and artisan stonemason moved to Andamooka from St Kilda to build the Andamooka Tiger 🐅and establish his Stonemasonry Art Studio.

March 2020 Andamooka Press interview with Cal:
‘I wanted a place to make my stone tiger, I was out and about allot in St Kilda and needed a clear head to get it done. A good lady friend found the town for me.’
A mate later said ‘ Anda bloody mooka. Pal she is really trying to get rid of you!’. ‘It’s good here, the town welcoming and I am at ease. I just walk out the back door and start working, no packing or unpacking gear, no travelling, and when the tiger grows a little bit everyday …it’s an ideal situation really or nearly.’ 

The Andamooka Tiger is made of Grampian sandstone. a life-sized tiger that when complete will have opal eyes, claws and the tip of the tail.
Cal aims to complete the Andamooka Tiger by August 2020 ‘Each rock next to each other isn’t from the same rock!