The Andamooka Opal Eyes Theatre Production recently performed at the Adelaide Festival on Saturday 16th March.
Led and commissioned by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Andamooka’s Opal Eyes Theatre Production company was selected to perform an interpretation of its flood experience in January 2022. International Artist Airan Berg curates Floods of Fire.
Opal Eyes Theatre Productions is a collective of artists living in Andamooka, Woomera and Roxby Downs.
They have created a 7-minute performative sequence as part of Floods of Fire called ‘A Flood Fable Part 1.’
We sincerely thank the visionaries behind our participation in the Adelaide Festival, including international artistic director Airan Berg, Louisa Norman from Country Arts SA, and Nescha Jelk from Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Their support and collaboration allowed us to showcase ‘A Flood Fable Part 1.’ and engage with the broader artistic community. Furthermore, we thank the dedicated individuals and organisations whose contributions made this production possible.
Special thanks to costume creator Andrea Lippasaar, Opal Angel (The Misfits Opal Hunters) for the puppets’ opulent opal eyes, the Andamooka Opal Showroom Underground Opal & Mineral Museum for providing props and rehearsal space, and the Andamooka CWA Op Shop for their invaluable supply of recycled materials and props.
In addition to participating in ‘A Flood Fable Part 1,’ we had the opportunity to connect with fellow artists and explore various artistic expressions throughout the event. One excellent experience was our visit to Sleep’s Hill Tunnel, where we explored its rich history and installations, including “Plant Fungi” by renowned photographer Stephen Axford and ‘Glow in the Dark Mushroom World’ by SA artist Clare Guerin.
Our exploration extended to the University of South Australia, where we encountered a futuristic museum of discovery amidst their exhibition, BROKEN. In this thought-provoking space, we were challenged to imagine new possibilities for our broken systems, from governance and education to politics and collaboration.
Furthermore, we attended the ‘Floods of Fire: Our Celebration with Electric Fields & the ASO’, a collaborative effort conceived by Airan Berg that featured the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra alongside Electric Fields. This experience showcased Electric Fields’ remarkable talents and provided a platform for networking with other artists, including Zaachariaha Fielding.
This collaborative effort has enriched the festival’s cultural landscape and celebrated the creative spirit of Andamooka’s vibrant community.
Through these collaborative endeavours and artistic exchanges, we were reminded of the importance of networking with fellow artists and the enriching experiences it brings to our creative journey.
‘A Flood Fable Part 1.’ was written by Cal the Stoner
Produced and Directed by Leila Day
Performers – Ellen Mitchell, Conan Fahey and Tayla Vujicic
Costume creator- Andrea Lippasaar