Project Description


Cal the Stoner’s Stonemasonry Art Studio

‘Cal the Stoner’ is a sculptor and artisan stonemason who explores changes in natural stone, through placement in different environments. Cal is creating a life sized tiger that when complete will have opal eyes and Andamooka rainbow matrix claws! This freakin tiger is epic! The Andamooka Tiger is made of Grampian sandstone and when finished will weigh @ 1 tonne. Cal begin sculpting when he discover specific veins of sandstone. A large portion of his work is Grampians sandstone, sourced in Victoria. The weight and logistics of larger scale works, led Cal to begin ‘portable’ sculptures. Cal instinctually follow the natural lines and features of individual pieces of stone to create them as new forms. Cal moved up to Andamooka from St Kilda (Victoria) and set up his Stonemasonry Art Studio in Andamooka 6 months ago in Biggus Dikkus’s ole house and its….magestic!

Go check it out! Visit Cal’s studio between 2-3pm Entry fee is a cold beer Call Cal and let him know you are coming: 0403042973