We are delighted to highlight the significant attention directed towards Andamooka and Outback South Australia! Hon. Zoe Bettison, MP, SA Tourism and Multicultural Affairs Minister, recently visited the Andamooka Tiger. She met with local opal miners featured in Discovery Channel’s acclaimed programs, Outback Opal Hunters and Opal Hunters Red Dirt Road Trip. Present were local opal miners, the legendary John Dunstan, the Mooka Boys Mathew and Cozza, and the Opal Hunters’ Red Dirt Road Trip’s Peter ‘The Oracle’ Taubers, Leila and Conan. This gathering occurred at Cal the Stoner’s Outdoor Stonemasonry Art Studio, marking a memorable occasion. These television series have captivated audiences in over 120 countries, including notable regions such as the UK and the US. They offer a compelling portrayal of the endeavours and creativity of Andamooka gougers as they navigate the rugged terrain in search of opal. With an impressive viewership of approximately 180 million, these shows have left an indelible global mark. Beyond mere entertainment, these programs have spurred a renewed interest in the opal industry, presenting newfound opportunities and showcasing the remarkable talents of local jewellery designers. Opal, symbolic of Australia’s heritage, is recognised worldwide, thanks in no small part to these productions. More than just television, these shows serve as catalysts for change, enlightening audiences about the allure and rarity of opal. The tangible results are evident—sales are soaring, and tourists from far and wide are flocking to Outback SA’s opal fields to witness the enchantment firsthand. From Andamooka to Coober Pedy, the Outback beckons with allure, attracting travellers eager to unearth its treasures. The profound impact of these shows brings communities together, fostering a renewed sense of vitality in mining towns across South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland.