The Spider-hunting scorpion (Isometroides vescus) under UV light. Isometroides vescus is a local species of Buthid scorpion found around the Andamooka Opal Fields. They shelter in overtaken spider burrows or in leaf litter, emerging at night to hunt spider, moths and cockroaches
You may see one of these scorpions and other critters that ‘glow’ under UV lights on our Opal Mining 102 Nocturnal Tours in Andamooka! Our night tours provide the time and space for you to relax, learn about opal mining, observe the night skies, and soak up the elements
Tours include: night mining, black lighting & naked eye astronomy, use of UV lights and torches, visit to the Andamooka Observatory, One Tree Hill and Cal the Stoner’s Outdoor Stonemason Studio
Start: 8pm Daily
Adults $55 / Kids: $25 / Kids under 5 are free
0487112747 / 0466265377
Photos by Leila Day