The Outback and Opal Show was held at the amazing Chinatown Plaza in the heart of Adelaide’s Chinatown. 17-19 Moonta Street, Adelaide.
JT and SA’s Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister David Ridgway introduced our initiatives to create jobs and upgrade Andamooka’s tourism and community infrastructure.
Thank you Irena for your huge help, time and generous support on our first ‘Outback & Opal Show’. You are amazing! We look forward to doing it again in 2019. Stay tuned….
Irena and JT first met in Andamooka over a decade ago. Irena was one of the ‘Opal Ambassadors’ for the South Australian Museum’s record-breaking Opals exhibition.
The ‘Outback & Opal Show’ was hosted by the Chinatown Plaza and the Tuckabox Hotel.
Thank you to Randal for your marvelous help and advice on our first ‘Outback & Opal Show. Cheers Randal for providing auction items and for being our sole wine and beverage sponsor. So very much appreciated. We love Tomich Wines ! Randal and Anastasia visited Andamooka earlier in the year and have been huge supporters of our initiatives to upgrade Andamooka’s tourism and community infrastructure.