The passing severe thunderstorm gave us a solid sudden downpour that brought a flash flood and frogs to the village. Wild to see water cascading down Christmas Hill Rd, Opal Creek Blvd, School Rd and Dodgy Drive. Well done to the community for looking after each other and helping out where they can. Cheers to the Andamooka Post Office and the Dodgy Brothers Liquor Store for letting the thirsty, muddy and wet take refuge. Big thank you to Andrew and Ron Collins from Northern Earth Movers for quickly getting the grader out and getting the roads back into shape.
Welldone and much appreciation to the Andamooka State Emergency Service Unit for providing free sandbags and sand.
On a positive note, after the clean up, we are looking forward to noodling at night, swimming in fresh water holes, wildlife booming and wildflowers blossoming