Cretaceous Creatures Exhibition by Leila Day. Discover South Australia’s only Dinosaur and more creatures from the cretaceous. This exhibition is a paleoart and design fusion with a vivid play of colour. Did you know South Australia’s only Dinosaur was discovered in Andamooka? Discover that and more creatures from the cretaceous period presented in an array of colours.
Sculptures, jewellery and mixed media on canvas represent opalised fossils and creatures from prehistoric Australia, Australia’s ancient inland sea and Karkuru Kujani, South Australia’s very own therapod from the early cretaceous period.
Leila is an Andamooka based artist with experience in using many mixed media, acrylics, photography, graphic design and opal cutting. Leila is creating new ways of presenting raw opal with resins and polymer clay. In 2021, Leila’s Blacklight Eromanga Sea Exhibition was on display from 5th May – to 18th June at the Roxby Downs Art Gallery. ‘Marine creatures of Australia’s ancient inland sea emerging through the black light. Sculptures, canvas and jewellery moulded, shaped and created into Belemnites, Jellyfish, Ammonites and Fossils of the Eromanga Sea’
Leila also exhibited at The Good, The Twisted and the Unearthed at the Roxby Downs Art Gallery. This will be the 6th visual arts and performance collaboration with stoner rock band ‘Death by Carrot’. In 2021, Leila was accepted to the Country Arts SA Regional Artist Retreat and represented the Andamooka Opal Fields in the Regional Development Australia Far North’s ‘Rising Stars’ Program
Cretaceous Carrots:  Cretaceous Creatures end of exhibition party
Saturday, 3rd September 2022
Live performance from Death by Carrot. ‘Deep Psychonautic Earthborn grooves, descending from the Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd side of the Rock ‘n’ Roll tree’
Andamooka Observatory: Lot 195 Church Court, Andamooka
This event is supported by the Andamooka Observatory, Andamooka Opal Showroom & Underground Museum, Dukes Bottlehouse Motel, Andamooka Cellarbrations, Dine-A-Mite Cafe and the Andamooka Opal Fields Tourism Association Inc