Last July, Matt aka ‘blueBrown’ from Asbury Park, New Jersey recorded a music video in Andamooka. The clip was shot in stop-motion with objects found around Dave the Mad Scientist house and filmed in Dave’s kitchen. Check out the video!
“Kingdom Go” heavily features blueBrown’s love for guitar “tapping”, where both hands are used on the fretboard to strike notes instead of plucking or strumming. He also performs all drums, bass, and vocals on the track.
Jacinda and Matt ( Blue Brown) from Asbury Park, New Jersey dropped by the AO for a few hours and stayed on in Andamooka for a month. We had many nocturnal activities, astronomy and adventures. Jacinda is a yoga teacher and Matt is a musician and music teacher. During their time they visited Stuart Creek Opal Field, Woomera Baker Observatory, Lake Torrens and met fellow local artists, creatives and musicians.