Watch the ‘ANDAMOOKA MISFITS’ crew on ‘Outback Opal Hunters’ on the Discovery Channel. ⛏💎💰 The ‘ANDAMOOKA MISFITS’ are Angel Dempsey, Juan Vasco and ‘Opal’ Joe Kalmar. As of May 2020 the series has been broadcast in over 100 countries including in the United Kingdom on Quest and in the United States on Discovery Channel.
Outback Opal Hunters Season 7 introduction to Andamooka:
“Deep in the South Australian Outback on the edge of a vast salt lake lies the world-renowned opal town of Andamooka.
Population 316, barren and remote, summer temperatures can hit 50 °C.
“This here will separate the weakness out of your soul, there are no free rides in the opal fields, it will either kill you or make you tough” says ‘Opal’ Joe Kalmar.
For almost a century the lure of opal has drawn miners here from around the globe searching for legendary Andamooka opal.
“Andamooka’s got the best opal in the world, much more stable, its got a lower water content, moisture content “ says Opal’ Joe Kalmar.
The lower the moisture content creates a stronger stone capable of being cut into large shapes. A massive 203 carat gem named the Andamooka Opal presented to Queen Elizabeth in 1954 was found by opal hunters in these fields.’
8:30PM (AEDT) on Discovery Channel
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One of the most accessible opal fields in Australia.
Short drive from Olympic Dam Airport and a quick flight from Adelaide.
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