Ammon(opal)ite Fossil 👾🐚🐙 Palaeocast Art Competition entry by Leila Day
An Ammonite fossil made with polymer clay and precious gemstone Opal from the Andamooka Opal Fields, South Australia. Inspired by the creatures of the Eromanga Sea and Opal formations in stones & fossils. Watch video on Palaeocast

#Palaeocastart 🐙🦖🦕🦑 #paleoart #paleontology

Leila is creating new ways of presenting raw opal with resins and polymer clay. Leila is an Andamooka based artist with experience in using many mixed medias, acrylics, photography, graphic design and print making. Her passion is getting to know fellow Far North remote area artists through sharing stories of their life experiences, their dreams, passions and desires then encouraging them to collaborate creatively on events within the community.

Selected Exhibitions:

  • 2020 Andamooka Art & Books Pop ups
  • 2020 edge2centre studio
  • 2020 Eromanga Sea with ‘Death by Carrot’
  • 2020 Cal the Stoner’s Stonemasonry Art Studio ‘The Good, The Twisted & The Strange’
  • 2019 Down the Rabbit Hole Experience with ‘Death by Carrot’