‘Top 10 things to See and Do in Andamooka’ 

andamooka entrance signWe love showing tourists from Australia and Overseas around Andamooka. We are often asked ‘what to do and see in Andamooka’. So we’ve asked around town and compiled this magnificent list!

Andamooka Opal Showroom Underground Opal & Mineral Museum

1) Orientate yourself on arrival and check out the ‘Andamooka Opal Showroom Underground Opal & Mineral Museum ‘ with Margo Duke & Peter Taubers. Includes:
  • Andamooka Post Office and the Dukes Guest House
  • Dukes Bottlehouse
  • Andamooka Opal Showroom Underground Opal & Mineral Museum

Visit Karkaroo!  The opalsied baby Andamooka Plesiosaur. There is an amazing display of opal from all over the world together with photographs and mining paraphernalia on show. Margo and Peter have a  vast gem and opal book collection for book lovers to look over and fine opal display upstairs in Dukes Guest House. Visit the website.

Tuckabox Hotel

2) Feast on the famous miner sized meals at the legendary Tuckabox Hotel: (08) 86727137

Andamooka Caravan & Camping Ground

3) Look for opal  at the public noodling ground at the Andamooka Caravan & Camping Ground

Historic Machinery Display

4) See classic bush innovation at the  Historic Machinery Display. This is a comprehensive and growing display of examples of machinery used by Andamooka miners. Each opal field is unique and so are the machines, modifications and innovations used to mine them.  Adjacent to the Caravan & Camping Ground.

Opal Noodling

5) Go noodling (fossicking)  for opal, dinosaur bones, fossils, Australites, gems and gold.

Op Shopping at CWA

6) Friday and Saturday morning! visit the Best CWA Shop in Australia (according to ABC’s Peter Goers OAM in the ‘Boo-Teek’ OP Shop, run by the Country Women’s Association.)

Andamooka Yacht Club

7) Check out local art,  opal jewellery, snacks and great coffee at the Andamooka Yacht Club and the Arid Explorers Garden. 0412264168

Historic Cottages

8) Semi-dugouts historic cottages along Opal Creek Blvd, made in the 1930s by miners. Open for all year round.  Listed on the National Heritage Register

Andamooka Observatory Bookshop

9) Andamooka Observatory Bookshop ‘Stargazing Evenings’: tourists, astrophotographers and local stargazers regularly crack out their camp oven curries and stay the night at the Andamooka Caravan & Camping Ground andamookaobservatory.com.au   www.facebook.com/andamookaobservatory/

Andamooka Cemetery

10) Andamooka Boot Hill ( Cemetery ).  There is so much history, friendship and sentiment to be found amongst the lovingly cared for gravesites. Have a noodle in the old mining dumps on the way.