Andamooka Observatory German Gully Opal Mine (Opal Mining 101 Tour)


Visit our  Andamooka Observatory German Gully Underground Opal Mine as part of the Opal Mining 101 tour Want to know about opal mining? How to get started and where to go? How to get a claim? Good noodling spots? What are the rules? Learn about Karkaroo the juvenile Andamooka Plesiosaur, ancient cephalopods, the Eromanga Sea,

BooTeek OP Shop


BooTeek OP Shop Visit the BEST CWA Shop in Australia (according to ABC’s Peter Goers OAM). Open Friday and Saturday morning! The BooTeek Op Shop is located at the top of CWA Road, off  Opal Creek Boulevard. The BooTeek Op Shop is run by the Country Women’s Association volunteers, raising funds for local programs Second hand

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